R. Mark Elowitz, MSc.
MPhil/PhD Research Student
School of Physical Sciences
The Open University
Email: mark.elowitz@open.ac.uk


2015-Present: The Open University, MPhil/PhD Research Student

2011-2013: University of North Dakota, MSc., Space Studies with Thesis

1989-1994: University of Arizona Graduate School, 84 Semester Units, Astrophysics/Planetary Science

1981-1986: University of Arizona, BSc., Astronomy


R. Mark Elowitz earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy and a minor in Planetary Science at the University of Arizona in August 1985. Since then he went on to complete 84 semester units of post-graduate study at the University of Arizona in the fields of Astrophysics, Astronomy, Planetary Science and Physics. Between the years 1990 and 2010 he worked on various contracts supporting NASA space missions and DOD projects. Mark has earned his Master of Science degree with thesis (May 2013) in the Space Studies program at the University of North Dakota with a concentration in Planetary Science and Astronomy. On April 2015, Mark became a MPhil/PhD Research Student at "The Open University" (located in Milton Keynes, UK) working from Ohio, USA. He also works for Altamira Technologies Corporation as a Senior Spectral Scientist.

Awards and Professional Memberships

Official IAU Citation designation of minor planet "13652 Elowitz".

Full member of the American Astronomical Society.

Elected member of Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society on June 2016.


Elowitz, R. Mark, Thesis, Space Studies Department, University of North Dakota (in progress), An Investigation of Climate Patterns on Earth-Like Planets Using the NASA GISS-II Global Climate Model.

Elowitz, R. Mark, Scholarly Research Project, Space Studies Department, University of North Dakota (2012), A Search for Variations of the Fine Structure Constant Using Quasar Absorption Lines.

Dayton, David C., Elowitz, Robert M., Lasche, James B., and Hanes, Stephen A., Simulating Range-Amplitude Returns for the LARRA (Laser Radar for Recognition and Assessment) Program, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4490, p. 256-265., 2001.

Dayton, David C., Elowitz, Robert M., LARRA (Laser Radar For Recognition and Assessment) Program: Simulated Laser Radar Returns and Comparison to HI-CLASS Data, AMOS 2001 Technical Conference Proceedings, P. 185., 2001.

Elowitz, R. M., Green, Richard F., and Impey, Chris D., Search for Correlations of Lyman-Alpha Clouds and Metal Systems on Closely Spaced Lines of Sight, Ap.J., v.440, p.458., 1993.

Elowitz, M., Hill, F., and Duvall, T.L., A Test of a Modified Algorithm for Computing Spherical Harmonic Coefficients Using an FFT, J. Comput. Phys., Volume 80, p. 506-511, 1989.

Larson, S. M. and Elowitz, M., A Summary of Some Ground Based Observations of the Saturn E-Ring, NASA Cassini Mission: Saturn Orbiter Proposal Information Package, Volume XIII: Physical Models., 1991.

Co-author on over 400 Minor Planet Ephemeris Circulars (MPEC), 1999-2001.

Co-author on seven International Astronomical Union Circulars (IAUC), 1999-2001.

Mark's Research Interests

Space Studies Astrobiology Mark's Meteorites Collection